Computer Hacking

Computer Hacking


  • Michael Comer, the author of corporate fraud once stated that; “If you want to catch a thief, you have to behave like a thief”.
  • It is truism that no system in the world is foolproof. This means that your IT security can be compromised any time any day, even by the enemies within. In the general parlance, Computer Hacking connotes evil, but indeed, the Computer Hacker is the good Guy, who will help you identify penetration loopholes in your IT infrastructure and at the same time generate commensurate countermeasures for these loopholes.
  • Our core mission in this kind of engagement is to create Ethical Hackers in your environment who will in turn STOP the CRACKER who will want to defy all odds to cause INHARMONY in your systems environment


  • Our core objective here is in developing computer hacking skills in your IT and other control staff such as in bank examiners, internal auditors, etc. We will also carry out vulnerability assessment that will include penetration testing to determine where the loopholes are and develop effective countermeasures.

This kind of engagement is usually long-term in nature and could be on- going for some time.

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