Computer Network

Computer Network


  • For Organisations to have an effective Enterprise-Network solution, the infrastructure has to be at a level of support such that minimum downtime is experienced by the organisation.
  • High-speed networks are built with devices such as Core and Edge Switches, Routers, Radios, etc, the continued availability of your network resources is a function of the state of health of these components and devices. A failure of a router could lead to disastrous situations hence both on-site and off-site support become crucial for organisations to experience optimum performance from their network solutions.

Main Objectives   

  • Our main focus in this type of engagement is to provide component and device level training and support for Organizations, whilst your local Engineers will be trained to provide levels 1 and 2 support. This could be by phone or internet service routines where off- site is the case.
  • In a similar vein, the on-site support runs at three levels; where on-site engineers try to resolve problems, unable to do so, they can escalate it to the second and third levels of support respectively

Core capacity building issues for Engineers include:

  • Proper operation of general computer systems, including: PCs, thin client terminals, printers, fax machines, UPSs, stabilisers, etc.)
  • Systems Maintenance & 1st Level troubleshooting of general computer systems
  • Server hardware configuration
  • Remote server management, using OEMmanagement tools
  • UPS-driven shut-down of servers
  • Fundamentals of LANs & WANs, structuredcabling (UTP, & power), data switches, andbroadband wireless infrastructures
  • Maintenance & 1st Level troubleshooting of the installed structured cabling infrastructures and data switches.
  • Fundamentals of routers and network routing
  • Fundamentals of voice-over-IP technologies
  • Fundamentals of network security, (incl. firewall& VPN technologies)
  • Maintenance & 1st Level troubleshooting of thesecurity and voice/IP-enabled gateway routersat the LG/LCDAs/SA’s  ICT Centres
  • Written Exam – of all the above subjects
  • Practical Exam – Hands-on use &troubleshooting of the equipment

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