Forensic Accounting

Forensic Accounting


  • Some of the most respected companies in the world such as World Com, Enron, Anderson, Xerox, Tyco and even Halliburton in Nigeria have been indicted of some degree of financial scandals.
  • In another development, employees often steal their employers’ blind. When the enemies within bilk their companies of their money, they do so via manipulation of financial records and statements with tracks fully covered or completely erased.

Our engagement in this area is focused on resolving allegations of infractions on company policies, irregularities and all other forms of financial impropriety from inception to conclusion using Forensic Techniques. We also assist organisations in developing and implementing Corporate Fraud Policy to protect the rights of Auditors or Forensic Investigators in the company and at the same time excluding the usual “Rights of Privacy” claims by perpetrators.

Main Objectives

  • To evaluate potential exposures in the financial system and recommend appropriate controls to close the “fraud gaps”
  • Assisting institutions to develop and install effective Fraud Policy in place
  • Help in resolving allegations of Fraud from inception to conclusion
  • To generate competent and accurate Forensic Report that will be tendered in any court of law should there be a need to do so.

Main tracks in this assignment include:

  • Identifying Common Symptoms of Fraud and Irregularities in Books, Records, and Computer Data: Understanding the “Red-Flags”.
  • Motivations for Fraud and other Commercial Dishonesty: Controlling the Deviant Behavior in the Business Place.
  • Establish Sociological Causes of Fraud and other White-Collar Crime in Organisations and Agencies of Government.
  • Checkmate incidents of Cheque and Protection Strategies.
  • Embezzlement Schemes and Loss Prevention Strategy.
  • Resolve High-Tech Fraud
  • Use Interviewing Techniques in Fraud and Forensic Investigation
  • Evidence gathering and Analytical Methodologies in Forensic Investigation
  • Issues of Code of Conduct as a Way of Mitigating Unethical Business Practices in Organizations
  • Methods and Techniques for Computer and Accounting Forensic Investigation
  • Criminal Prosecution for Fraud and Financial Crimes: Arrest, Searches, Seizures,   Pre-Trial Guidelines and Sentencing Procedures

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