IS Audit

IS Audit


  • Corporate Governance  is all about power and responsibility sharing and setting policies, procedures and standards and making sure that entity’s personnel imbibe established corporate ‘Ethic’ as molded by these policies and standards which will give ultimate assurance that entity’s objectives are met.
  • By the same token, the Board or other Top Officers of the company must ensure that IT polices are aligned with corporate polices in other to avoid a state of Strategic Misfit. It is only then that management can have an effective score line for the benefits of IT deployment in organizations/agencies of Government.

As businesses and organizations demand for high-speed information transfer, computer networking provides a level of connectivity and consequently a virtual office which helps to achieve a higher degree of customer satisfaction. However, the bulk of the concerns lie in controlling the basic network infrastructures, as well as meeting the growing need for availability and high performance, especially as computer networks are increasingly handling mission-critical applications. Occasionally, legitimate employees become the “Risk Agents” and pose a higher level of threats to the entity’s Enterprise-Network Environment.

Our Service Process 

  • In this kind of environment, IS Audit Assurance and Security will provide the following benefits for your organization:
  • Establishment and Deployment of an Effective and Efficient IS Audit Environment that guarantees
    • IS Controls Monitoring and Compliance through Application Systems Audit Activity
    • Computer-Assisted Audit Techniques for Data Extraction and Analysis to produce electronic evidence of completeness, and accuracy of transaction processing using Interactive Data Extraction and Analysis (IDEA) CAAT
    • Vulnerability Assessment to ensure that Enterprise- Network Perimeter is not compromised
    • Penetration Testing and Confirmation to ensure that Infrastructural components and devices are in top form and are functioning properly
    • Assurance of a comprehensive and documented Disaster Recovery Plan and that Systems Contingency Plans are in place
    • Assurance that there is an IT policy in place which serves as a reference guide for all IT projects
    • Assurance that there is adequate support for all IT projects (Hardware and Software)
  • Activity Format
    • Audit Assurance activity could either be outsourced completely or have it deployed in your environment and then run a series of hand-holding with the client’s audit staff after some skills impartation process (Training).

The main objective of this engagement is to provide expert assistance to the client in Development and installing an IS Audit Assurance Function that is innovative and dynamic too.

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