IT Policy

IT Policy


IT Policies, Procedures and Forms give an assurance of a perfect alignment of organisation’s business strategy with her IT strategy. Institutions  whose IT strategy is not in perfect alignment will be in any of the following status:

  • Entropy -A state of gross misalignment;
  • Misfit – collaboration between functions and processes is minimal;
  • Mixed – a state of mixture of alignment and misalignment; here a reasonable number of functions and processes are “kind” of going in the same direction;
  • Threshold – a minimal level of alignment exist so that products and services can move through the value chain and to the customer; and
  • Harmony – general and continuing state of perfect alignment.



To understand the objectives of this engagement, the following key questions need to be answered:

  • Is your IT resources adequately supporting your major business objectives?
  • Can you reduce the cost of core processes, or can you deliver a higher quality service?
  • Can IT help you ‘tie in’ to your profitable customers and business partners on a long-term basis?
  • Is IT improving staff satisfaction and motivation to higher productivity?
  • Can new products and services be created? Can IT help you gain new markets and improve market penetration?
  • Can you derive better and more timely management of information?
  • How can your company’s information and knowledge be managed as a resource?
  • What new technologies are emerging and how can they be used in the future to address changing needs of the enterprise?
  • Is your IT function managed as a business?
  • Have you leveraged on Image Processing and Paperless Systems and Models (IPPS) to deliver quality service?
  • Do you have a good support system backing you to ensure low downtime  during mild or sever interventions?

The answers to the above, lie in developing and deploying IT policies, procedures and forms that will not only ensure a state of harmony, but a perfect alignment of your IT objectives with your Business objectives  and guarantee value for your IT spend- the state will be achieved in a manner which provides sustainable competitive advantage to the institution. That is the main focus of this domain of our service delivery.

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